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Camco 59005 Propane Double-Stage Auto-Changeover Regulator


Toll Free (844)8-RV-CAMP 207-209-2099 Camco 59005 Free FedEx shipping on most of the orders. Overview Propane Regulator; Without Shut Off Valve; 1/4 Inch NPT Inlet and 3/8 Inch NPT Outlet; Outlet Pressure of 11 Inch WC (Water Column); Two Stage Auto Changeover; Without Hose; Approved For RV Use Description For RVs with dual propane tank hook up. Regulator maintains constant gas pressure and automa ...  More
Olympian Heavy Duty Two-Stage Propane Regulator


The package has been opened, but the regulator never used. The dust caps to the fittings have never been removed. For sale in the condition shown.
CAMCO RV KIT 2-Stage Auto Changeover LP Propane Gas Regulator w/2 ACME 18" Hoses


Camco Auto-Changeover Regulator w/Hoses The Camco RV 2-Stage Auto-Changeover LP Regulator allows you to hook up 2 Propane tanks and the regulator automatically switches over to the second tank once the first one runs out (and vice versa). The indicator changes color to let you know when a tank has been depleted and needs to be refilled. Brand new and ready to ship. Note: this Listing Includes 2 18 ...  More
Adjustable 0 to 60psi Propane Regulator POL Stainless Stell Braided Hose LP Gas


Adjustable 0 to 60psi Propane Regulator With a 10ft Stainless Steel Braided Hose LP Gas. IN: Full Flow POL OUT: 3/8" Female Flare Optional Gauge: 1/4" Female NPT The MEGR-6120-60 Series are UL listed high-pressure regulator that meets a variety of applications for liquid or vapor service. The body design makes these regulator particularly useful in installations with space limitations. Regulator c ...  More
Camco RV 58041 Portable Propane Campfire with 8' Hose & Regulator


Camco 58041 Portable Propane Campfire with 8 ft Hose and Regulator Features like an elevated fire tray and heat resistant base make this Portable Campfire perfect for use in campgrounds with fire restrictions; great for residential porch and patio use as well. Includes an 8-ft hose with adjustable regulator for use with standard LP gas cylinders, two bags of lava rocks, and a storage bag. 65,000 B ...  More
L.P. - Propane Regulator - Double Stage - For One or Two Bottles - Bottom Vent


Two Stage - End Vent - Regulator. Can be used with one propane bottle, or install a manifold tee, and you can hook up two bottles. Integral fist and second stages ensure a smoother, more consistent flow of gas to all appliances. This regulator is approved for use in portable applications and outdoor cooking appliances utlilizing low pressure. Features an all zinc body constructions, high and low 1 ...  More
Vertical Two Stage Propane Regulator Camper Connect To 20 or 30 lb LP Tank Gas


Camco RV Horizontal Two Stage Propane Regulator Gas Motorhome Camper LP Fuel NEW


Propane 4 Port Supply Regulator Tee & Hose Trailer Camper RV Motorhome LP Gas


Propane 4 Port Supply Regulator Brass Tee Trailer Camper RV Motorhome LP Gas


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